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Nanobiointerfaces Group (Prof. Duncan S. Sutherland - duncan@inano.au.dk)
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The main research at the Nanobiointerfaces group is driven by developments in nanoscale engineering and using such new engineering as tools to study physical science or biological science questions in a way that has not been possible before. It is basic research, although it has a strong link to the engineering.


Research Areas

Cell Biology at Nanostructures

Featured Article

Focal Complex Maturation and Bridging on 200 nm Vitronectin but Not Fibronectin Patches Reveal Different Mechanisms of Focal Adhesion Formation - published in Nano Letters (2011, 11:pp 2264–2271).

This article showed how clustering and mechanical properties of cell binding proteins changes how a cell senses and responds to its surroundings.

Protein Biology at Nanomaterials

Featured Article

Spatial Mapping and Quantification of Soft and Hard Protein Coronas at Silver Nanocubes - published in Nano Letters (2014, 14:pp 2086–2093).

Optics at Nanostructures

Featured Article

Onset of Bonding Plasmon Hybridization Preceded by Gap Modes in Dielectric Splitting of Metal Disks - published in Nano Letters (2013, 13:pp 6033–6039).

Functional Nanostructures

Featured Article

Multifunctional Biosensor Based on Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance for Monitoring Small Molecule–Protein Interaction - published in ACS Nano (2014, 8:pp 7958–7967).

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