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Troubleshooting Problems with iSMS

If you are having problems running the software follow these steps carefully:

  1. Follow the installation instructions.
  2. Make sure the requirements listed here are fulfilled.
  3. See this page for common issues when installing the software.
  4. Check if your problem is covered by the bug fix list below.

If none of the above worked out please write us an email describing you problem or fill in a bug report.

Bugs and fixes

2015.07.01 - v1.04: Cannot open file

Problem: You receive a 'Cannot open file' error when you try to run the program such as:

Cannot open file


Error in => iSMS.m at line 95

Possible fix: This issue has been corrected in version 1.05... 

Download this zip file and unzip its content to the folder path specified in the error message. Then restart the software. After this fix a resources folder must exist at path 'C:\Users\..\AppData\Local\iSMS\resources' (example from the above message) containing a number of image files used by the program - such as panelHelp.png.

2015.01.09: Bug fix for version 1.00:

Problem: You are unable to open the histogram window due to the following error message (in MATLAB):

"Error using xlabel (line 27)

Incorrect number of input arguments

Error in updateALEX (line 145)


Fix 1: Please download this file (right-click->Save link as) and replace it with the file 'updateALEX.m' located in the calls/updateGUI folder. Then try again.

Other troubleshooting problems

Problem: In MATLAB when trying to run the program you get the error:

Undefined function or variable 'mysplashScreen'"

Fix: This is a path issue. Restart MATLAB, make the folder containing the iSMS.m file your current path in MATLAB, then run iSMS.m.