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Download iSMS

Version 2.01 - 2016.20.09

Download iSMS for MATLAB (includes source code)

If you need other versions of iSMS, please contact us

Updates in version 2.01

Version 1.06 - 2016.06.07

Download iSMS for MATLAB (includes source code)

Download iSMS for Windows 64-bit (not requiring MATLAB)

Download iSMS for OS X (coming soon)

Updates in version 1.06:

  • Fixed an error in "backgroundSettings.m" so that the different background settings can be set in "FRET pairs window" now 

Optimal Background

Version 1.05 - 2015.07.13

Contact Daniel Gudnason or Victoria Birkedal for this version.

Updates in version 1.05:

  • Fixed error 'Cannot open file panelHelp.png' observed with the deployed version on some systems as a result of restricted rights.
  • Fixed error in highlightFRETpair.m occurring when opening FRET-pair window in MATLAB R2015a.

Get a quick start on iSMS and single-molecule FRET microscopy

  1. Installation instructions
  2. Download test data below
  3. Download demo session below
  4. Follow the quick guides
  5. Checklist of important parameters
  6. Documentation pages

Download test data

Demo session

  1. Download demo session (8 MB)
  2. Quick guide on how to open and explore the session

The demo session only contains processed data, such as average images, peak positions, time traces etc. In order to recalculate traces using new settings you will need to download and reload the raw movie files below into the session. Guide on how to reload raw movie data into an existing session

The demo session contains data acquired using alternating laser excitation (ALEX). See this page for the experimental details of the demo data

Raw movie data

These raw movie files are in Andor's SIF-format and acquired using an alternating laser excitation (ALEX) scheme. Other formats are also supported. Guide on how to load raw data into iSMS.

Download older versions

Version 1.04 - 2015.07.01

Contact Daniel Gudnason or Victoria Birkedal for this version.