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Industrial PhD and Postdoc

An industrial PhD study is a 3-year industrially focused PhD project during which the student is employed in your company and at the same time is matriculated at Aarhus University.

Your company can choose to either finance the PhD in its entirety – or apply for a competitive Industrial PhD grant from The Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education.  The Ministry accepts applications for grants twice a year – in Marts and September. With these grants, the PhD employment is partly financed by the ministry, and your company will receive a monthly subsidy for the salary costs. The grant also covers university expenses for supervision etc.

The industrial PhD student is employed full-time in your company on ordinary terms of employment during the 3 years. The industrial PhD student and the company will set the salary in agreement, but it must at least correspond to level offered at Danish universities.

The Ministry offers a similar programme for Industrial Postdocs.

Learn more about Industrial PhDs and Postdocs in general at the website of Innovation Fund Denmark. You can also read about Aarhus University's experience of being an Industrial PhD and Postdoc in the folder linked to here.

Read more about Industrial PhDs and Postdocs at the website of Innovation Fund Denmark.

If you want to look into the possibilities of having an industrial researcher with iNANO, please contact us

”An Industrial PhD is a fantastic solution that provides us with a direct pipeline to new knowledge at the university. And an extremely easy flow of knowledge, where the candidate can bring a material sample to and from the university, the next time he is there. That increases our access to both knowledge – for long term product development – and to quick talks on minor day-to-day problems. I am quite surprised that we came to enjoy this programme this much. I highly recommend it to others.”
Bjarke Jørgensen, Research Director in NEWTEC ENGINEERING.