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Open Science

As a supplement to traditional “closed” collaborations with industry, we are currently creating a new type of project platform. Industrial needs that span sectors can be translated into basic science MSc projects – and data, results and publications will be published in real time as they are created.

By sharing our data through databases and live science streaming we hope to get input from researchers worldwide that will accelerate and qualify the project results – and allow more people to use and re-use the generated knowledge.

The knowledge generated in the project (e.g. methods to give materials new properties) is made public and cannot be protected in terms of IPR. All interested parties can, however, use the knowledge to develop new products, processes and services. And they are free to protect their specific applications

The projects themselves only seek to generate knowledge. They take place in a pre-competitive phase - and will not violate our industrial partners' need for secrecy regarding their plans for future use in e.g. product development.

Our Open Science platform is a public-private experiment. Right now, the scientific focus of all projects will be on smart polymer materials and nano-composites. We do, however, plan to use the concept for other themes as well.

Read more about the initiate on its homepage here.

Knowledge Center for Open Science (KNOCOS) is an organization established to understand, develop and spread the Open Science concepts and practices. Read about KNOCOS here.