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ATEX APV for Cleanroom

Document Responsible: Bjarke Rolighed Jeppesen

Date: 24 June 2021

  1. Purpose/Formål
    1. The purpose of this APV instruction is to ensure that users, in the iNANO cleanroom, are aware of the potential dangers that exist when working in the Cleanroom. Users should be aware of the potential hazards listed below. The aim of this APV instruction is also to prevent personal injury to maintenance personnel.
  2. Cleanroom/Renrummet
    1. The cleanroom (area 120 m²) is a class 100 (ISO class 5) cleanroom. Filtered laminar air flow reduces the presence of particles.
    2. Chemical fume extraction systems have pressure/flow monitoring. In case of power failure a UPS-supply can serve as power backup with 45 min. run time for the extraction system. If a malfunction in ventilation or fume extraction system is observed, cleanroom users are automatically warned by sound and light (yellow or red) to evacuate the cleanroom building. All users in the cleanroom have participated in a cleanroom safety introduction before cleanroom access is granted.
  3. Chemical storage/Kemikalieopbevaring
    1. Chemical storage cabinets and refrigerators in the cleanroom, containing flammable chemicals, are connected to the extration system.
    2. On shelf in the common chemical storage room in the basement is dedicated to the cleanroom.
    3. Chemical waste is transferred to the chemical waste room 1590-051.
    4. PECVD and DRIE/Pegasus are connected by gas lines to hydrogen, silicon tetrafluoride, sulfur hexafluoride, trimethylboron, methane, argon, silane, phosphine in silane, carbon dioxide, helium, oxygen, nitrogen monoxide, and tetrafluomethane. Exhaust from process chambers are passed through a scrubbers to remove any residuals, before the exhaust is released over the cleanroom building.
    5. A Honeywell gas alarm system monitors all gas lines/connections.
    6. In case of gas leakage detection, PECVD/DRIE and gas lines will automatically shut down.
  4. Gas system/Gassystem
    1. All toxic/combustible gases are routed in double tubes with monitored vacuum in the outer tubes. Gasses are routed from the gas bunker to the point of use in the clean room. Gas sensors monitor both the double pipe and the place of use.
    2. Flammable gases are stored in an EX secured gas bunker and in EX secured cabinets with independently monitored. In case of exhaust failure in the clean room or detected leakall gases are automatically shut off. Also, all gases are shut off if fire alarm or evacuation alarm is activated.
  5. Alarms/Alarmer
    1. RED alarm (sound signal + red flashing), a message is sent via the loudspeaker system in Danish/English to leave the room immediately at the nearest exit, and the fire brigade is contacted automatically.
    2. YELLOW alarm (sound signal + yellow flashing), the room is also left immediately, but through the changing room. Contact one of the following people in the right side of this webpage.

If Aarhus Fire Department receives an alarm from the ABA (Automatic Fire Alarm at iNANO), the Fire Department has a list of persons they can contact at Aarhus University.

If someone at iNANO wants to contact Aarhus Fire Department (Tlf. 86767676), please inform the Fire Department that this is from plant no. 404, the iNANO house, Address: Gustav Wieds Vej 14.