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Supporting equipment

Optical microscopy

AXIA has an optical microscope with two light sources and a polarizer that can be selectively attached. It has a large working distance which is useful for example during sample preparation procedures.

Sample preparation

An imaging experiment is only as good as the sample. Therefore, we have multiple pieces of equipment for sample preparation including both an Accutom cutting machine from Struers with a diamond blade and a costum-made lathe for making small cylindric samples inspired by the system published by Holler et al. Note however, that these equipments are limited to samples of bone or similar and can only be used by further agreement with us.

Computers and software

The datasets obtained in 3D imaging are very large. We therefore have high-power computers available with the Dragonfly software installed for data visualization and analysis. 


The groups associated with AXIA together have access to a wide range of instrumentation in addition to the AXIA equipment itself. 

AXIA member Henrik Birkedal and his group are further experienced synchrotron users, and Henrik Birkedal is part of the DanMAX consortium. DanMAX is a new materials science beamline at the MAX IV synchrotron, dedicated to in situ and operando experiments, including 3D imaging, on real materials.