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Biological and Bioinspired Materials (Henrik Birkedal)


2021.08.27 | ESRF

PhD student Thorbjørn Erik Køppen Christensen wins poster prize at this year's DanScatt meeting

Congratulations to group member and PhD student Thorbjørn Erik Køppen Christensen for winning a poster prize at annual DanScatt Meeting 2021 held at DTU October 8-9.

2021.08.27 | ESRF

PhD student Maja Østergaard wins prize for best CINEMAX project 

Congratulations to group member and PhD student Maja Østergaard for winning the prize for best project with her team at the CINEMAX PhD course on high-resolution tomography analysis held at  Fuglsang Manor August 23-27.

2021.06.22 | ESRF

First on-site synchrotron beamtime since Covid-19 

Group members Jonas Palle and Maja Østergaard as well as AXIA manager Nina K. Wittig have travelled to Grenoble in France to participate on-site in X-ray diffraction-CT experiments at the ID13 nanofocus beamline at the ESRF. While we have been able to conduct several synchrotron beamtimes remotely during the corona lockdown, this challenging experiment required our presence and we are excited to commence data analysis shortly.

2021.06.14 | iNANO

First measurements on new AXIA X-ray microscope 

A state-of-the-art X-ray microscope capable of sub-micrometer 3D resolution has been installed at iNANO as part of AXIA and first measurements are promising! AXIA is a new research infrastructure aimed at multi-scale X-ray imaging of bone and other complex materials spearheaded by Henrik Birkedal.

2021.01.05 | iNANO

Interview with Henrik Birkedal on green bioinspired adhesives 

Henrik Birkedal was interviewed to Danish national newspaper Politiken 2021/01/05 on his group's involvement in the development of mussel inspired leather adhesives, which occurs in a MUDP project funded by the Ministry of Environment of Denmark.

2020.12.17 | iNANO

New grant to study Narwhal tusks 

We have been awarded 14,359,011 NOK to study narwhal tusks in a NordForsk interdisciplinary project “Narwhal tusks: a tale with a twist”. The project is a Scandinavian collaboration with the groups of Marianne Liebi (Charlmers University of Technology, Sweden) and Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen (Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Greenland)    

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