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Biological and Bioinspired Materials (Henrik Birkedal)


2021.01.05 | iNANO

Interview with Henrik Birkedal on green bioinspired adhesives 

Henrik Birkedal was interviewed to Danish national newspaper Politiken 2021/01/05 on his group's involvement in the development of mussel inspired leather adhesives, which occurs in a MUDP project funded by the Ministry of Environment of Denmark.

2020.12.17 | iNANO

New grant to study Narwhal tusks 

We have been awarded 14,359,011 NOK to study narwhal tusks in a NordForsk interdisciplinary project “Narwhal tusks: a tale with a twist”. The project is a Scandinavian collaboration with the groups of Marianne Liebi (Charlmers University of Technology, Sweden) and Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen (Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Greenland)    

2020.11.27 | iNANO

The Christmas spirits are lifted with office door decorations

As part of the "Decorate your door competition" organized by the social committee at iNANO, we have decorated our office doors. The nerdy decorations feature a Christmas tree with an X-ray emitting star, and X-rays of both Rudolph, whose red nose gives rise to X-ray fluorescence, and Santa Claus (Henrik Birkedal). 

2020.11.25 | iNANO

Podcast with iNANO researchers on DanMax and high-energy radiation

Listen to Henrik Birkedal and Mads Ry Jørgensen tell about DanMax, a materials science beamline at MAX IV accelerator in Lund. Learn both how high-energy X-rays are made, how X-rays must be treated before you can use it, and not least what Danish researchers hope to be able to use the expensive device for. (In Danish)

2020.10.25 | iNANO

PhD students Jonas Palle and Nina Kølln Wittig receive student presentation awards

Congratulations to PhD students Jonas Palle and Nina Kølln Wittig from the group for winning the 1st and 4th prizes for best student presentations at this year's iNANO Autumn School.

2020.10.02 | iNANO

Henrik Birkedal appointed as Professor

Congratulations to Henrik Birkedal, who on 1st October 2020, was appointed as Professor at Department of Chemistry. Birkedal has been employed at Department of Chemistry as Associate Professor since August 2009, and is heading a research group at iNANO focusing on biological and bioinspired materials.

2020.06.15 | iNANO

3D X-ray reveals secrets from inside bones

An international research team has used new X-ray techniques to describe how the architecture of healthy human bones is built up. The team has uncovered a hitherto unknown structure in healthy bones.

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