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Kurt Vesterager Gothelf

Kurt Vesterager Gothelf

Professor Department of Chemistry


  • DNA, DNA origami
  • Organic Synthesis
  • Self-Assembly
  • Bioconjugation
  • Biosensors 
  • Multi-functional drug design
  • Oligonucleotide analogue

Head of Organic Nanochemistry Group
Director of Center for Multifunctional Biomolecular Drug Design (CEMBID) (link)
Coordinator of DNA-Robotics (link)

Professor Kurt Vesterager Gothelf,
PhD in Organic Chemistry

DNA Nanotechnology – self-assembled nanostructures and devices

Professor Kurt Gothelf and his group, Gothelf Lab (Organic Nanochemistry Group), are exploring the application of DNA for the formation of functional nanostructures and their application in various fields such as molecular electronics, biosensors, bioconjugation and biomolecular drugs.

DNA is an amazing molecule that contains the genetic information in all life forms. From a chemical point of view DNA is also completely unique since it is the only type of molecule that can be programmed to assemble into predesigned structures with high reliability. This enables the formation of structurally well-defined and complex nanostructures formed solely by self-assembly.

Gothelf’s approach to DNA nanotechnology is based on preparing functional organic molecules such as artificial DNA building blocks, electronically and optically interesting molecules and the development of new chemical methods applied to bionanotechnology.

The focus is on both fundamental research as well as practical application of the technologies. Gothelf has developed new methods in the field of biosensors and chemical functionalization of biomolecules that are part of industrial collaborations or start-up companies.

The research at Gothelf Lab is highly international and is performed in collaboration with research groups at Harvard, Arizona State and North Carolina State University, and other researchers in Europe and China. Several students in Gothelf’s group have been on research visits to these institutions. 

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