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Torben René Jensen

Torben René Jensen

Professor Department of Chemistry


  • Inorganic Nanomaterials
  • Hydrogen Storage
  • Nanoconfinement
  • Nanoporous Materials
  • Gas Adsorption

Head of Inorganic Nanomaterials Group

Professor Torben René Jensen
PhD in Materials Chemistry, Dr.scient.

Storage of renewable energy – A clean future

The aim of our research is to prepare new materials with interesting structures and properties and to develop new synthesis and characterization methods. The fundamental science knowledge is utilized for the rational design of novel materials for energy storage in hydrogen or in batteries, porous materials for nanoconfinement, gas separation and selectivity, or conversion of carbon dioxide into useful fuels.

The ambition is to conduct cutting-edge international research on new inorganic ‘energy materials’ and chemical reactions relevant to important technologies and to develop new concepts for energy storage, e.g. hydrogen storage in light element solids, nanoconfinement of metal nanoparticles, hydrides or composites, conversion of CO2 back to useful fuels and battery materials. Novel combined mechano-chemical and solvent based methods are of key importance along with synchrotron powder diffraction. The group also develops new equipment and approaches for thermal analysis and thermodynamic and kinetic characterization of gas release and uptake.

The group is in charge of the largest Danish ‘hydrogen’ project HyFillFast funded by Innovation Fund Denmark (total budget of DKK 39 million) and has a leading role in four EU funded research initiatives, which include many industrial companies. In addition, the group leader acts as an expert for the international energy agency. The very dynamic and productive group consists of about 20 people and has published more than 140 peer reviewed journal papers since 2010.

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