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DNA Origami Design Software

The software package distributes a sequence editor with a set of tools for designing DNA origami structures:

  • Bitmap reader - import any shape as design object.
  • DNA origami fold - automatically finds a folding path through a shape.
  • 3D generator - automatically generates a 3D atomic model of your design.
  • Oligotrack - accepts any sequence to be integrated in your design and outputs an oligo list for ordering.


  • The program currently runs on Mac and Linux
  • The program might be ported for Windows some time in the future, but for the moment here is a protocol on how to run SARSE in Virtualbox on Windows.
  • Click here to download SARSE - DNA origami v1.1
  • P.S. The earlier download file was dysfunctional.

Get started:

For usage please cite:


Please send an email to Ebbe S. Andersen marked "SARSE mailinglist" if you want to stay informed about updates of the SARSE - DNA origami package or marked "SARSE comment" if you have any questions or suggestions.

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