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Bio-SPM Group (Prof. M. Dong)

The Bio-SPM group investigates the physical and chemical properties of biomolecules and novel materials based on nano objects. To explore the functional properties of materials down to the molecular scale, we have developed and use a wide range of state-of-the-art scanning probe methods such as harmonic AFM techniques, SICM, EFM, MFM, SEM and TEM. Another important area of focus is the understanding and controlling of self-assembly of nano structures.

We are welcoming worldwide applications of all levels. If you are interested please send an email and your CV to Prof. Mingdong Dong dong@inano.au.dk.


2nd January, 2024. Welcome Koen Wouters to Bio-SPM lab

      Koen Wouters obtained his Master's degree in nanophysics at the university of Antwerp (Belgium), and PhD degree at Hasselt University (Belgium) where he studied the conductive properties of cable bacteria from a physics perspective. Now he continues this cross-disciplinary research here as a postdoc at iNANO and CEM. Using various electrical experiments, he will try to unravel the electrically conductive pathways in cable bacteria.

3rd November, 2023. Welcome master student Maria Jose Fernandez Menendez to Bio-SPM lab

2nd November, 2023. Welcome Silu Peng and Chaoyi Zhang to Bio-SPM lab

      Guest PhD student Silu Peng is from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. Her research focuses on the preparation of thin films, 2D materials and their heterojunction photodetectors.

      Guest PhD student Chaoyi Zhang is from University of Electronic Science and Technology of China. His research focuses on the phototransistor or photodetector in 2D materials heterojunction system and its applications.

4th September, 2023. Welcome Adél Szerlauth and Dóra Takács to Bio-SPM lab 

      Guest PhD student Adél Szerlauth is from University of Szeged, Hungary. Her research focuses on the layered double hydroxide-based nanozymes against reactive oxygen species.

      Guest PhD student Dóra Takács is from University of Szeged, Hungary. Her research focuses on developing filters incorporating layered double hydroxides for the effective removal of emerging contaminants.


1st September, 2023. Welcome Jing Hu and Lingxiao Zhang to Bio-SPM lab 

       Postdoc Jing Hu is from Zhejiang University, China. She will work with the development of advanced energy storage technologies and advanced materials.

       Postdoc Lingxiao Zhang is from Hangzhou City university, China. He will work with the design and industrial translation of novel nano-aluminum adjuvants (NanoAlum) for cancer immunotherapy, neurodegenerative disease treatment, anti-inflammation treatment and animal vaccines.


1st May, 2023. Welcome László Mérai to Bio-SPM lab

      Guest Post Doc. László Méra is from University of Szeged, Hungary. 


17th April, 2023. Welcome Lixia Li to Bio-SPM lab

       Visiting researcher Lixia Li is from Henan Nomarl University, China. She will work with synthesis of novel nanomaterials and photocatalytic degradation of biomass


20th March, 2023. Welcome Xin Hu to Bio-SPM Lab

       Guest PhD student Xin Hu is from Harbin Institute of Technology, China. She will work with physical and chemical properties of edge state.


12th January, 2023

       Sebastian Amland Skånvik successfully passed the PhD defense and was awarded the doctor's degree.


5th December, 2022. Welcome Wei Zhang to Bio-SPM Lab

       Visiting researcher Wei Zhang is from Jiangsu University, China. He will work with multiphase flow.


24th November, 2022

       Yuqing Wang successfully passed the PhD defense and was awarded the doctor's degree.


3rd October, 2022

       Xuya Xiong successfully passed the PhD defense and was awarded the doctor's degree.


8th April, 2022.  Welcome Xinyu Zhang to Bio-SPM Lab

       Xinyu Zhang is from ETH Zuerich under supervision of Professor Tomaso Zambelli. Xinyu’ research is mainly based on FluidFM which is a powerful tool with versatile biological applications. She is developing Force-controlled electrophysiological measurement such as patch clamp and SICM using FluidFM at Inano (Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center), Aarhus University.

21st February, 2022.  Welcome Mostafa Salehirozveh to Bio-SPM Lab

       Mostafa Salehirozveh comes from University of Bologna. Electrolyte particle counting and sizing and characterization of Individual particles in solution can be accurately performed using the resistive pulse sensing (RPS) method based on the Coulter principle. By using Silicon Nitride nanopores, he is able to identify and characterize individual particles such as amyloids, DNA polymers, and bacteria at Inano (Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center), Aarhus University.


10th January, 2022.  Welcome Paolo Ciocci to Bio-SPM Lab

       Paolo Ciocci comes from Université Paris Cité and his supervisor is  Prof. Frederic Kanoufi. Paolo is developing deep learning architectures applied to RNA origami structures imaged by AFM. He is using convolutional neural networks in order to extract parameters on statistical populations of features, reducing the human bias which can affect data extraction from complex images 


25th August, 2021.  Welcome visiting researcher Ruizhou Wang to our Bio-SPM Lab

        Visiting researcher Ruizhou Wang is from Guangdong University of Technology, China. He will work with Patch Clamp technique.


14th June.  Back to Bio-SPM Lab for your research activities

From Monday 14 June, the following guidelines will apply on all of AU’s campuses:

·        Face coverings will no longer be required.

·        The 1-2 metre social distancing guideline will no longer apply.

·        All staff and student may return work in the lab from Monday 14 June.

·        The current rule that everyone who comes to Bio-SPM must able to present documentation of a negative Covid-19 test/a valid Covid passport will remain in place until 1 August.

17th March, 2021. Publication

       Long-distance electron transfer in a filamentous Gram-positive bacterium

       Yang, Y. G.; Wang, Z. G.; Gan, C. F.; Klausen, L. H.; Bonné, R.; Kong, G. N.; Luo, D. Z.; Meert, M.; Zhu, C. J.; Sun, G. P.; Guo, J.; Ma, Y. X.; Bjerg, J. T.; Manca, J.; Xu, M. Y.*; Nielsen, L. P.; Dong, M. D.*

       Nat. Commun. 2021, 12, 1709. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-021-21709-z


1st February, 2021.   Publication  

     In Situ Resistive Switching Effect Scrutinization on Co-Designed Graphene Sensor

     Xiong, F.; Wang, Z. G.; Bøjesen, E. D.; Xiong, X. Y.; Zhu, Z. H.*; Dong, M. D.*

     Small, 2021, 2007053. DOI: 10.1002/smll.202007053

4th January, 2021.   Publication

     Melt Electrospinning Writing of Magnetic Microrobots

     Su, Y. C.; Qiu, T.; Song, W.; Han, X. J.*; Sun, M. M.; Wang, Z.; Xie, H.; Dong, M. D.*; Chen, M. L.*

      Adv. Sci., 2020, 2003177. DOI: 10.1002/advs.202003177


9th December 2020

    Following the general message from the University, the University is closed down from tomorrow until Jan 4, Bio-SPM Lab will follow the rules with a conditional access.

    · You should work from home if you can

    · We are allowed to maintain critical functions and research. Critical research activities are coordinated by our group leader, who are responsible for reducing the activities requiring physical presence at iNANO to a minimum.

    · Meeting rooms are closed.  

    · The student helpers’ office will be open every day until Dec 23 (Mon-Thur 8-16, Fri 8-15:30). The student helpers will receive the parcels that get delivered and notify you if you get a parcel.

    Keep safe!

10th November 2020

Bio-SPM group have a new micronpatterning system-----PRIMO, working with Olympus IX83. The training will be hold on 17th November, 2020


(image from: sygnis.pl/bio/micropatterning-alveole-lab/)

1st November 2020

We have a new PhD student Anne-Kathrine Kure Larsen joining in Bio-SPM group. Welcome!

21st October 2020

      Bio-SPM group import a brand new fluorescence microscope---Olympus IX83. The microscope has been set up and the training will start at 9.00 am on 22nd October, 2020.

(image from: http://lifescience.evidentscientific.com.cn/)

28th August 2020

       The paper “A hierarchically ordered compacted coil scaffold for tissue regeneration ” is published by Yingchun Su on the journal of NPG Asia Materials,  Congratulations!

       Su, Y. C.; Zhang, Z. Y.; Wan, Y. L.; Zhang, Y. F.; Wang, Z. G.; Klausen, L. H.; Huang, P.; Dong, M. D.*; Han, X. J.*; Cui, B. X.; Chen, M. L.*

       NPG Asia Mater., 2020, 12, 55. DOI: 10.1038/s41427-020-0234-7

23th June 2020

Xiaochen Chen successfully passed the PhD defense and was awarded the doctor's degree.


27th May 2020

Bio-SPM Lab reopens as of 27th May, 2020. All research and activities will ramp up gradually. Cheers!                                                                                                                                                                      

23rd April 2020

Bio-SPM Lab reopens conditionally. Rules for opening have been updated on the labbook.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

27th March 2020

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen extended the physical closure of the universities by an additional fourteen days – up to and including 13 April. This means that Aarhus University will remain closed. The Bio-SPM Lab will follow the progress closely as well.

Stay safe.


12th March 2020

Due to spread of coronavirus, Bio-SPM Lab would be locked down from 13th March, 2020. Anyone without permission would not be allowed to access to the lab. The further arrangement would be announced after two weeks. Take care of yourself.