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The Bio-SPM group investigates the physical and chemical properties of  biomolecules and novel materials based on nano objects. To explore mechanical properties of molecules, we use harmonic AFM techniques. Another area of focus is understanding and controlling the self-assembly of nano structures. For all these studies we have developed state-of-the-art SPM techniques.

For more information about the research, research opportunities and collaborations, please contact fbe@inano.au.dk or dong@inano.au.dk

1 Development of advanced scanning probe microscopy

    1.1 Quantitative Nanomechanical Microscopy

    1.2 Scanning Ion-Conductance Microscopy

    1.3 Non-contact KolibriSensor


2 Molecular self-assembly based materials

    2.1 DNA origami

    2.2 Polypeptide Based Materials


3 Applications of graphene and its derivatives


4 Theoretical simulation