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Publications from the FunHy project

Publications from FunHy PhDs:

[1] Bo Richter, Jakob B. Grinderslev, Kasper T. Møller, Mark Paskevicius, Torben R. Jensen, From Metal Hydrides to Metal Borohydrides, Inorganic Chemistry, 2018, 57, 10768-10780

[2] Dennis Karlsson, Gustav Ek, Johan Cedervall, Claudia Zlotea, Kasper T. Møller, Thomas C. Hansen, Jozef Bednarčik, Mark Paskevicius, Magnus H. Sørby, Torben R. Jensen, Ulf Jansson, Martin Sahlberg, Structure and Hydrogenation Properties of a HfNbTiVZr High-Entropy Alloy, Inorganic Chemistry, 2018, 57, 2103-2110

[3] Gustav Ek, Reji Nedumkandathil, Robert Johansson, Jorge Montero, Claudia Zlotea, Mikael S. Andersson, Per Nordblad, Chiu Tang, Martin Sahlberg, Ulrich Häussermann, Hydrogen induced structure and property changes in Eu3Si4, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 2019, 277, 37-45

[4] Magnus M. Nygård, Gustav Ek, Dennis Karlsson, Martin Sahlberg, Magnus H. Sørby, Bjørn C. Hauback, Hydrogen storage in high-entropy alloys with varying degree of local lattice strain, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2019

[5] Jakob B. Grinderslev, Kasper T. Møller, Martin Bremholm, Torben R. Jensen, Trends in Synthesis, Crystal Structure, and Thermal and Magnetic Properties of Rare-Earth Metal Borohydrides, Inorganic Chemistry, 2019, 58, 5503-5517

[6] Victor Pacheco, Greta Lindwall, Dennis Karlsson, Johan Cedervall, Stefan Fritze, Gustav Ek, Pedro Berastegui, Martin Sahlberg, Ulf Jansson, Thermal Stability of the HfNbTiVZr High-Entropy Alloy, Inorganic Chemistry, 2019, 58, 811-820

 [7] Claudia Zlotea, Mourtada A. Sow, Gustav Ek, Jean-Philippe Couzinie, Loïc Perriere, Ivan Guillot, Julie Bourgon, Kasper T. Møller, Torben R. Jensen, Etsuo Akiba, Martin Sahlberg, Hydrogen Sorption in TiZrNbHfTa High Entropy Alloy, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2019, 775, 667-674

[8] Jakob B. Grinderslev, Kasper T. Møller, Yigang Yan, Xi-Meng Chen, Yongtao Li, Hai-Wen Li, Wei Zhou, Jørgen Skibsted, Xuenian Chen, Torben R. Jensen, Potassium Octahydridotriborate: diverse polymorphism in a potential hydrogen storage material and potassium ion conductor, Dalton Transactions, 2019  



Publications from FunHy partners:


Contribution from Partners at IFE, Norway:

1.      Crystal structural determination of SrAlD5 with corner-sharing AlD6 octahedra chains by X-ray and neutron diffraction, Sato, T., Takagi, S., Sørby, M.H., Deledda, S., Hauback, B.C., Orimo, S.-I., Crystals (2018) 8, 89.

2.      Preparation of yttrium hydride-based photochromic films by reactive magnetron sputtering, Montero, J., Martinsen, F.A., Lelis, M., Karazhanov, S.Zh., Hauback, B.C., Marstein, E.S., Solar Energy Mater. Solar Cells (2018) 177, 106-109.

3.      Reversibility of metal-hydride anodes in all-solid-state lithium secondary battery operating at room temperature, El Kharbachi, A., Hu, Y., Sørby, M.H., Mæhlen, J.P., Vullum, P.E., Fjellvåg, H., Hauback, B.C., Solid State Ionics. (2018) 317, 263-267.

4.      Synthesis, crystal structure analysis and decomposition of RbAlH4, Weidenthaler, C., Felderhoff, M., Bernert, T., Sørby, M.H., Hauback, B.C., Krech, D., Crystals (2018) 8, 103.

5.      New insight into the Rb-Mg-N-H system: an ordered mixed amide/imide phase and disordered amide/hydride solid solution, Santoru, A., Pistidda, C., Brighi, M., Chierotti, M.R., Heere, M., Karimi, f., Cao, H., Capurso, G., Gizer, G., Garroni, S., Puszkiel, J., Sørby, M.H., Hauback, B.C., Cerny, R., Klassen, T., Dornheim, M., Inorg. Chem. (2018) 57, 3197-3205.

6.      Understanding mechanistic properties of MgH2–based anode via structural morphology changes and electrochemical impedance, El Kharbachi, A., Hu, Y., Sørby, M.H., Vullum, P.E., Mæhlen, J.P., Fjellvåg, H., Hauback, B.C., J. Phys. Chem. C (2018) 122, 8750-8759.

7.      Lithium ionic conduction in composites of Li(BH4)0.75I0.25 and amorphous 0.75Li2S·0.25P2S5 for battery applications, El Kharbachi, A., Hu, Y., Yoshida, K., Vajeeston, P., Kim, S., Sørby, M.H., Orimo, S.-I., Fjellvåg, H., Hauback, B.C., Electrochim. Acta (2018) 278, 332-339.

8.      Synthesis, structure and polymorphic transitions of praseodymium (III) and neodymium (III) borohydride, Pr(BH4)3, and Nd(BH4)3, Payandeh GharibDoust, S., Heere, M., Nervi, C., Sørby, M.H., Hauback, B.C., Jensen, T.R., Dalton Trans. (2018) 47, 8307-8319.

9.      MgH2-CoO: A conversion-type composite electrode for all-solid-state lithium ion batteries, El Kharbachi, A., Uesato, H, Kawai, H., Wenner, S., Miyaoka, H, Sørby, M.H., Fjellvåg, H., Ichikawa, T., Hauback, B.C., RSC Adv. (2018) 8, 23468-23474.

10.  Effect of additives, ball milling and isotopic exchange in porous magnesium borohydride, Heere, M., Zavorotynska, O., Deledda, S., Sørby, M.H., Book, D., Steriotis, T., Hauback, B.C., RSC Adv. (2018) 8, 27645-27653.

11.  Study of the dehydrogenation and rehydrogenation of a 0.62LiBH4-0.38NaBH4 mixture with nano-sized Ni, Liu, Y., Heere, M., Vasques, L.C., Paterakis, C., Sørby, M.H., Hauback, B.C., Book, D., Int. J. Hydrogen Energy (2018) 43, 16782-16792.

12.  Stability and phase formation in the (Li/Na)6C60-H systems studied by neutron scattering, Sartori, S., Guzik, M.N., Knudsen, K.D., Sørby, M.H., Teprovich, J., Zidan, R., Hauback, B.C., J. Phys. Chem. C (2018) 122, 18346-18355.



Contribution from Partners at Stockholm University, Sweden:


1.      Crystallization of mesoporous silica SBA-15 in a high pressure hydrothermal environment, K. Spektor, W. Wan, R. Nedumkandathil, O. Andersson, U. Häussermann, High Pressure Research, 37 (2017), 345-359.

2.   Investigation of the order-disorder rotator phase transition in KSiH3 and RbSiH3, R. Nedumkandathil, A. Jaworski, A. Fischer, C. Österberg, Y.-C. Lin, M. Karlsson, J. Grins, A. J. Pell, M. Edén, U. Häussermann; Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 121 (2017), 5241–5252. 

3.     Vibrational Properties of b-KSiH3 and b-RbSiH3: A Combined Raman and inelastic neutron scattering study, J. Mink, Y.-C. Lin, M. Karlsson, C. Österberg, T. J. Udovic, H. Fahlquist, U. Häussermann; Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 48 (2017), 284 – 291.


Contribution from Partners at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden:


1.       Proposed Bose Einstein condensation of Magnons in nanostructured films of Gd at low temperature and its manifestations in electrical resistivity and magnetoresistance, M. Chakravorty, A. Raychaudhuri, T. Sarkar, M.S. Andersson; Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 29, 255701 (2017)

2.       Magnetic properties of nanoparticle compacts with controlled broadening of the particle size distribution, M.S. Andersson, R. Mathieu, P. S. Normile, S. S. Lee, G. Singh, P. Nordblad and J. A. De Toro; Physical Review B 95, 184431 (2017)

3.       Radiation-induced synthesis of nanoscale Co- and Ni- based electro-catalysts on carbon for oxygen reduction reaction, I. L. Soroka, N. V. Tarakina, A. Hermansson, L. Bigum, R. Widerberg, M. S. Andersson, R. Mathieu, A. R. Paulraj and Y. Kiros; Dalton Transactions 46, 9995 - 10002 (2017)

4.      Remanence plots as a probe of spin disorder in magnetic nanoparticles,J. A. De Toro, M. Vasilakaki, S. S. Lee, M. S. Andersson, P. S. Normile, N. Yaacoub, P. Murray, E. H. Sanchez, P. Muñiz, D. Peddis, R. Mathieu, K. Liu, J. Geshev, K. N. Trohidou, and J. Nogues; Chemistry of Materials 29 8258–8268 (2017)

5.      Influence of Ce3+ concentration on the thermal stability and charge trapping-detrapping dynamics in the green-emitting phosphor CaSc2O4:Ce3+, S. K. Sharma, M. Bettinelli, I. Carrasco, M. Karlsson; Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 23096–23103 (2017).

6.      Anisotropic proton and oxygen conductivity in epitaxial Ba2In2O5 thin films, A. Fluri, E. Giraldi, M. Karlsson, M. Bettinelli, I. Castelli, T. Lippert, D. Pergolesi; Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 21797–21805 (2017).

7.      Influence of yttrium concentration on local structure and proton conductivity in BaZr1−xYxO3−δ based proton conductors, C. Mburu, S. Gaita, C. S. Knee, M. Gatari, M. Karlsson; Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 16174–16181 (2017).

8.      Localized proton motions in acceptor doped barium zirconates, D. Noferini, M. M. Koza, M. Karlsson; Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 7088–7093 (2017).

9.      Investigation of the order-disorder rotator phase transition in KSiH3 and RbSiH3, R. Ne- dumkandathil, A. Jaworski, A. Fischer, C. Österberg, Y.-C. Lin, M. Karlsson, J. Grins, A. J. Pell, M. Eden, W. Scherer, U. Häussermann; Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 5241– 5252 (2017).

10.    Vibrational properties of β-KSiH3 and β-RbSiH3: a combined Raman and INS study, J. Mink, Y.-C. Lin, M. Karlsson, C. Österberg, T. J. Udovic, H. Fahlquist, U. Häussermann; Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 48 284–291 (2017).


Contribution from Partners at Uppsala University, Sweden:


1.      Structure and hydrogenation properties of HfNbTiVZr High-entropy alloy – D. Karlsson, G. Ek, J. Cedervall, C. Zlotea, K.T Møller, T.C Hansen, J. Bednarcik, M. Paskevicius, M.H. Sorby, T.R. Jensen, U. Jansson, M. Sahlberg; Inorg. Chem. 57, 4, 2103-2110

2.      Hydrogen Storage in TiZrNbHfTa High Entropy Alloy – M.A. Sow, J-P. Couzinie, G. Ek, M. Sahlberg, K.T Møller, T.R. Jensen, L.Perriere, C. Zlotea; In manuscript

3.      Hydrogen induced structure and property changes in Eu3Si4 – R. Nedumkandathil, G. Ek, M.S. Andersson, P. Nordblad, R. Johansson, C. Zlotea, M.Sahlberg, U. Häusermann; In manuscript

4.      Insights into formation and stability of τ-MnAlZx (Z=C and B)

, Hailiang Fang, Johan Cedervall, Jonas Ångström, Olivier Balmes, Jozef Bednarick, Pedro Berastegui Martin Sahlberg; Journal of Alloys and Compounds 692 (2017) 198-203. dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jallcom.2016.09.047

5.      AlM2B2 (M=Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni): a group of nanolaminated materials, K Kadas, D Iusan, J Hellsvik, J Cedervall, P Berastegui, M Sahlberg, U Jansson and O Eriksson; 2017 J. Phys. Condens. Matter 29 155402

6.      Magnetic properties of the Fe5SiB2−Fe5PB2 system, Daniel Hedlund, Johan Cedervall, Alexander Edström, Mirosław Werwiński, Sofia Kontos, Olle Eriksson, Ján Rusz, Peter Svedlindh, Martin Sahlberg, and Klas Gunnarsson; PHYSICAL REVIEW B 96, 094433 (2017).


Contribution from Partners at IFE, Norway:


1.        SSH2S: Hydrogen storage in complex hydrides for auxiliarly power unit based on high temperature polymeric fuel cells, Baricco, M., Bang, M., Fichtner, M., Hauback, B.C., Linder, M., Luetto, C., Moretto, P., Sgroi, M; J. Power Sources (2017) 342, 853-860.

2.       The impact of advanced glazing on colour perception, Arbab, S., Martinsen, F., Hauback, B.C., Matusiak, B.S.; J. Inter. Colour Association (AIC) (2017) 17, 50-68.

3.       In operando neutron diffraction study of LaNdMgNi9 as a metal hydride battery anode, Nazer, N.S., Denys, R.V., Yartys, V.A., Hu, W.-K., Latroche, M., Cuevas, F., Hauback, B.C., Henry, P.F., Arnberg. L.; J. Power Sources (2017) 343, 502-512.

4.       Iron and niobium additives in magnesium hydride: Microstructure and hydrogen storage properties, Floriano, R., Deledda, S., Hauback, B.C., Leiva, D.R., Botta, W.J.; Int. J. Hydrogen Energy (2017) 42, 6810-6819.

5.       Hydrogen sorption in erbium borohydride composite mixtures with LiBH4 and/or LiH, Heere, M., Payandeh GharibDoust, S.H., Brighi, M., Frommen, C., Sørby, M.H., Cerny, R., Jensen, T.R., Hauback, B.C.; Inorganics (2017) 5, 31.

6.       Photochromic mechanism in oxygen-containing yttrium hydride thin films: An optical perspective, Montero, J.A., Martinsen, F.A., Garcia-Tecedor, M., Karazhanov, S.Zh., Hauback, B.C., Marstein, E.S.; Phys. Rev. B (2017) 95, 201301.

7.       Influence of ultra-short cryomilling on the microstructural and magnetic properties of cobalt ferrite, Guzik, M., Golasinski, K., Pedrosa, F., Jenus, P., Bollero, A., Hauback, B.C., Deledda, S.; J. Alloys Compd. (2017) 721, 440-448.

8.       Regeneration of LiAlH4 at sub-ambient temperatures studied by multinuclear NMR spectroscopy, Humphries, T.D., Birkmire, D., McGrady, G.S., Hauback, B.C.; J. Alloys Compd. (2017) 723, 1150-1154.

9.       In-situ powder neutron diffraction study on the formation process of LaMg2NiH7, Sato, T., Ikeda, K., Matsuo, M., Miwa, K., Otomo, T., Deledda, S., Hauback, B.C., Li, G., Takagi, S. Orimo, S.-I.; Int. J. Hydrogen Energy (2017) 42, 22449-22453.

10.     Study of the NaBH4-NaBr system and the behavior of its low temperature phase transition, Paterakis, C., Guo, S., Heere, M., Sørby, M.H., Hauback, B.C., Reed, D., Book, D.; Int J. Hydrogen Energy (2017) 42, 22538-22543.

11.     In situ investigations of bimetallic potassium erbium borohydride, Heere, M., Sørby, M.H., Frommen, C., Payandeh GharibDoust, S., Jensen, T.R., Hauback, B.C., Int. J. Hydrogen Energy (2017) 42, 22468-22474.

12.      Morphology effects in MgH2 anode for lithium ion batteries, El Kharbachi, A., Andersen, H.F., Sørby, M.H., Vullum, P.E., Mæhlen, J.P., Hauback, B.C.; Int. J. Hydrogen Energy (2017) 42, 22551-22556.

13.     The role of grain boundary scattering in reducing the thermal conductivity of polycrystalline XNiSn (X = Hf, Zr, Ti) half-Heusler alloys, Schrade, M., Berland, K., Eliassen, S.N.H., Guzik, M.N., Echevarria-Bonet, C., Sørby, M.H., Hauback, B.C., Persson, C., Løvvik, O.M., Tofan, R., Gunnæs, A.E., Finstad, T.G.; Sci. Reports (2017) 7, 13760.

14.     Rare-earth borohydrides – crystal structure and thermal properites, Frommen, C., Sørby, M.H., Heere, M., Humphries, T.D., Olsen, J.E., Hauback, B.C.; Energies (2017) 10, 2115.

15.    Role of Lone Pair Cations in Ferroelectric Tungsten Bronzes, Olsen, G. H., Sørby, M. H., Selbach, S. M. ,  Grande, T.; Chemistry of Materials 29(15), 2017, 6414-6424.


Contribution from Partners at Aarhus University:


1        Structure and hydrogenation properties of a HfNbTiVZr high-entropy alloy, D. Karlsson, G. Ek, J. Cedervall, C. Zlotea, K.T. Møller, T. C. Hansen, J. Bednarčíke, M. Paskevicius, M.H. Sørby, T. R. Jensen, U. Jansson, M. Sahlberg; Inorg. Chem. 2018, 57, 2103−2110.

2        Complex Metal Hydrides for Hydrogen, Thermal and Electrochemical Energy Storage,
Kasper T. Møller, Drew Sheppard, Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk, Craig E. Buckley, Etsuo Akiba, Hai-
Wen Li *, Torben R. Jensen; Energies, 2017, 10(10), 1645; doi:10.3390/en10101645. (Invited

3        Fluoride substitution in LiBH4; destabilization and decomposition, Bo Richter, Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk, Manish Sharma, Alexandra Spyratou, Hans Hagemann and Torben R. Jensen; Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys, 2017, 19, 30157-30165.

4        Multifunctionality of Silver Closo-Boranes, Mark Paskevicius, Bjarne R. S. Hansen, Mathias Jørgensen, Bo Richter, Torben R. Jensen, Nature Comm., 2017, 8, 15136, 1-6. DOI:10.1038/ncomms15136

5        Metal Borohydrides and derivatives - synthesis, structure and properties,

          Mark Paskevicius, Lars Jepsen, Pascal Schouwink, Radovan Ĉerný, Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk, Yaroslav Filinchuk, Martin Dornheim, Flemming Besenbacher, Torben R. Jensen; Chem. Soc. Rev. 2017, 46, 1565 - 1634, DOI: 10.1039/c6cs00705h.

6        Halogenated sodium-closo-dodecaboranes as solid-state ion conductors, Bjarne R. S. Hansen, Mark Paskevicius, Mathias Jørgensen and Torben R. Jensen; Chem. Mater., 2017, 29, 3423−3430. DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.6b04797

7        Synthesis, structure and properties of bimetallic sodium rare earth (RE) borohydrides, NaRE(BH4)4, RE = Ce, Pr, Er or Gd. SeyedHosein Payandeh GharibDoust, Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk, Radovan Černý and Torben R. Jensen; Dalton Trans. 2017, 46

, 13421-13431. dx.doi.org/10.1039/C7DT02536J

8        Perovskite alkali metal samarium borohydrides: crystal structures and thermal decomposition, Kasper T. Møller, Mathias Jørgensen, Alexander S. Fogh, Torben R. Jensen; Dalton Trans. 2017, 46, 11905-11912. DOI: 10.1039/C7DT02405C

9        Reversibility of LiBH4 Facilitated by the LiBH4-Ca(BH4)2 Eutectic, Payam Javadian, SeyedHosein Payandeh GharibDoust, Hai-Wen Li, Drew A. Sheppard, Craig E. Buckley, Torben R. Jensen; J. Phys. Chem. C, 2017, 121, 18439−18449, DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.7b06228

10      Synthesis, Structure and Li-Ion Conductivity of LiLa(BH4)3X, X = Cl, Br, I, SeyedHosein Payandeh GharibDoust, Matteo Brighi, Yolanda Sadikin, Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk, Radovan Černy, Jørgen Skibsted, Torben R. Jensen*, J. Phys. Chem. C, 2017, 121, 19010−19021. DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.7b04905

11      Phase diagrams of the LiBH4-NaBH4-KBH4 system, Erika M. Dematteis, Eugenio R. Pinatel, Marta Corno, Torben R. Jensen and Marcello Baricco; Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys, 2017, 19, 25071-25079. DOI: 10.1039/c7cp03816j

12      Hydrogen Storage Stability of Nanoconfined MgH2 upon Cycling, Priscilla Huen, Mark Paskevicius, Bo Richter, Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk, and Torben R. Jensen; Inorganics 2017, 5(3), 57; doi:10.3390/inorganics5030057

13      In situ investigations of bimetallic potassium erbium borohydride, Michael Heere, SeyedHosein Payandeh GharibDoust, Magnus H. Sørby, Christoph Frommen, Torben R. Jensen, Bjørn C. Hauback; Int. J. Hyd. Energy, 2017, 42(35)

, 22468-22474. dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijhydene.2017.04.271

14    Hydrogen Sorption in Erbium Borohydride Composite Mixtures with LiBH4 and/or LiH

Michael Heere, Seyed Hosein Payandeh GharibDoust, Matteo Brighi, Christoph Frommen, Magnus H. Sørby, Radovan Cerný, Torben R. Jensen and Bjørn C. Hauback; Inorganics 2017, 5(2), 31 (1-14). DOI:10.3390/inorganics5020031

15      Nanoconfined NaAlH4 conversion electrodes for Li batteries, Priscilla Huen, Filippo Peru, Georgia Charalambopoulou, Theodore Steriotis, Torben R. Jensen, Dorthe B. Ravnsbæk; ACS Omega, 2017, 2, 1956−1967. DOI: 10.1021/acsomega.7b00143

16      Synthesis, structures and thermal decomposition of ammine MxB12H12 complexes (M = Li, Na, Ca), Bjarne R. S. Hansen, Nikolay Tumanov, Antonio Santoru, Claudio Pistidda, Jozef Bednacik, Thomas Klassen, Martin Dornheim, Yaroslav Filinchuk and Torben R. Jensen; Dalton Trans., 2017, 46, 7770–7781. DOI: 10.1039/C7DT01414G

17      A NaAlH4-Ca(BH4)2 Composite System for Hydrogen Storage, Kasper T. Møller, Jakob Grinderslev, Torben R. Jensen, J. Alloys Comp., 2017, 720

, 497-501. dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jallcom.2017.05.264

18      Hydrogen - A Sustainable Energy Carrier, Kasper T. Møller, Torben R. Jensen, Etsuo Akiba, Hai-Wen Li; Progress in Natural Science: Materials International

, 2017, 27, 34-40. dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.pnsc.2016.12.014

19      Li5(BH4)3NH: Lithium-Rich Mixed Anion Complex Hydride, Anna Wolczyk, Biswajit Paik, Toyoto Sato, Carlo Nervi, Matteo Brighi, SeyedHosein Payandeh GharibDoust, Michele Chierotti, Motoaki Matsuo, Guanqiao Li, Roberto Gobetto, Torben R. Jensen, Radovan Černý, Shin-ichi Orimo and Marcello Baricco; J. Phys. Chem. C 2017, 121, 11069−11075.

20      Compaction of LiBH4-LiAlH4 nanoconfined in activated carbon nanofibers: Dehydrogenation kinetics, reversibility, and mechanical stability during cycling,  Praphatsorn Plerdsranoy, Payam Javadian, Nicholai Daugaard Jensen, Ulla Gro Nielsen, Torben R. Jensen, Rapee Utke; Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 2017, 42

(2), 1036–1047, dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ijhydene.2016.09.056