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Peter Balling

Peter Balling

Professor Department of Physics and Astronomy


  • Ultrashort-Pulse Lasers
  • Ultrafast Material Excitation
  • Modeling of highly-excited materials
  • Solar Cells
  • Upconversion
  • Plasmonic nanostructures
  • Semiconductors
  • Radiation dosimetry
  • Photovoltaics

Head of Semiconductor Group

Professor Peter Balling
PhD in Physics

Nanomaterials see the light

The ability to control a material on the nanoscale can potentially give it entirely new properties and applications. Our group uses this approach to produce new functional materials and to cha­rac­terize them with respect to their ability to answer fundamental research ques­tions and provide novel technological solutions.

In the SunTune project, we develop nanomaterials which can facilitate the so-called up-conversion process by which two low-energy photons are converted to one photon of higher energy. This is an interesting research area, which is further motivated by its potential application as a mechanism for improving the efficiency of solar cells by transforming the solar spectrum. The SunTune project includes, among others, Brian Julsgaard, see page PPP.

High-efficiency, cost-effective thin-film solar cells from amorphous and nano/microcrystalline silicon with designed back reflectors represent another active research area in our group.

We employ ultrashort-pulse lasers for both advanced optical characterization and for new laser-based material processing. In addition, we use ultrafast excitation of materials to obtain new knowledge of light–matter interaction as well as for detailed mapping of optical near-fields around designed plasmonic nanoparticles.

Often our projects involve both fundamental and applied aspects, which is very fruitful for the academic developments. Many projects involve collaborations with academic and industry partners from Denmark and abroad.

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