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Menglin Chen

Menglin Chen

Associate Professor Department of Biological and Chemical Engineering - Medical Biotechnology


  • Biomaterials
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Electrohydrodynamics
  • Nanofibers

Head of ElectroMed Group

Associate Professor Menglin Chen
PhD in Chemistry

The Electrospun 3D Nano-biointerfaces Directing Cell Fates

The scientific significance of our research will be to use innovative electrospinning technology to build three-dimensional (3D) nano-biointerfaces that recapitulate the 3D in vivo environment to direct cell fate.

Inspired by the nanoscale features of cellular surface components (e.g., microvilli and filopodia) and extracellular matrix (ECM), we have studied the interactions between live cells and nanostructured materials in a cellular environment. The significance of the overall fibrillar and porous nanoscale topography of the ECM in promoting essential cellular processes has increased the demands for biomaterials with 3D nanofeatures. Nanotechnology innovations have aided in the development of techniques for the production of such a nanocomposite material. A unique technique that has gained tremendous attention in the last decade as the most robust, straightforward nanofiber processing method is electrospinning, which utilizes high voltage electric fields on extruded liquid containing virtually any polymers, composites or supra‐molecules to generate continuous submicron fibers.

Our current research involves the electrospinning of different synthetic or biopolymers with control over mechanical and topographical properties, surface chemistry, drug release mechanism, in vitro cell biology assay and in vivo animal studies.

Our projects involve collaborations with academic and industry partners with focus on specific applications, such as the development of scaffolds for vascularization and connective tissue regenerations.

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