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Morten Foss

Morten Foss

Senior Researcher Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center - INANO-Fysik, iNANO-huset


  • Biomedical Surfaces
  • Implants
  • Non-Fouling Coatings
  • Large-Scale Screening
  • Micro- and Nanofabrication

Head of Biomedical Surface Group

Senior Researcher Morten Foss
PhD in Physics

New Strategies for Smart Biomaterials

The main objective of our research is to gain insight into the interaction between artificial and biological systems of biomedical relevance. Based on this knowledge, we aim to develop new strategies for smart biomaterials with the long term goal of solving some of the major biomedical challenges society is facing today.   

We study biomolecular adsorption, mammalian cell behavior and tissue response with respect to functionalized biomaterials. In terms of specific applications, the current research focuses on the synthesis of novel micro- and nano-functionalized implant materials, large-scale screening of surface cues for guided cellular response, and non-fouling surfaces. For example, we are currently developing new methods for tailored local release of strontium from implants on cellular response and peri-implant bone healing. The challenging tasks of soft tissue-implant integration, e.g. percutaneous implants, are addressed as well.

The group has a strong collaboration with the biomedical industry and a number of national and international scientific groups. At present these projects include bone contacting implants, soft tissue/implant integration and percutaneous implants, and non-fouling coatings.