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Cryofox PECVD cluster system


The system include; four isolated deposition process chambers connected to one sample transfer chamber. The sample transfer chamber is equipped with a computer controlled manipulator for substrate transfer, and connected to a load lock chamber.


Amorphous and microcrystalline silicon thin films for solar cell research and applications. Samples (100 x 100 mm) are transferred under vacuum between the process chambers. Two chambers are for n- and p-type doping during Si-growth. One chamber for Si-growth and one chamber for hot filament deposition (HFCVD).


Substrate temperature from 50°C - 500°C

Distance between electrode and substrate from 1- 5 cm

RF (13.56MHz) power supply of 300 W with automatic RF matching network


  1. Toxic: SiH4, SiF4, TMB, PH3
  2. Non-toxic: CH4, H2, N2, CF4, Ar, CO2


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