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APV for Bruker DektakXT stylus profiler

Document Responsible:  Bjarke Rolighed Jeppesen

Date: 17 June 2021

1) Purpose/Formål

The purpose of this APV instruction is to ensure that users, in the iNANO cleanroom, are aware of the potential dangers that exist when working with the Bruker Dektak XT stylus profiler. Users should be aware of the potential hazards listed below. The aim of this APV instruction is also to prevent personal injury to maintenance personnel.

2) The Instrument/Instrumentet

The instrument is moving a diamond stylus over the sample surface to record stylus displacement as function of position. Stylus tip force, position and scanning distance is specified for the measurement. Measurement data can be processed in the software to extract step height, roughness, curvature, etc.

3) Harzardous Conditions/Risiko

There is no danger involved in the use of the profiler, just be careful with the tip, it can easily be damaged when moving samples in and out.

4) Protective Clothing/Beskyttelsesdragt

You must wear cleanroom suit and gloves.

5) Electrical Safety/Elsikkerhed

Potentially lethal voltages are present on the equipment. To prevent personal injury, disconnect the instrument before working with the electrically parts.