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APV for Zeiss Axio Scope


Document Responsible:  Pia Bomholt

Date: 24/1 2014


1)    Purpose/Formål

The purpose of this APV instruction is to ensure that employees at iNANO are aware how to handle the Zeiss Axio Scope located inside the cleanroom facility to prevent injuries.

2)    The Instrument/Instrumentet

The instrument is very easy to use for magnification of your samples. It can magnify 5x-100x and has a Deltapix Infinity-X-Camera with 21 mill. pixels.

3)    Harzardous Conditions/Risiko

There is no danger involved in the use of the microscope, just be careful with the lenses; they can easily be damaged; avoid wiping them.

4)    Protective Clothing/Beskyttelsesdragt

You must wear cleanroom suit and gloves.

5) Electrical Safety/ El sikkerhed

Potentially lethal voltages are present on the equipment. To prevent personal injury, remember to disconnect the instrument before working with the electrically parts.