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Bruker Dimension Edge atomic force microscope (AFM)


The Dimension Edge AFM is among the best performance AFM, which enables acquiring accurate data within short time. It works well for different samples, even liquid films, making it powerful to study biological molecules. It offers various AFM modes, including standard contact mode, lateral force microscopy, tapping mode, etc.


Image and manipulate nanoscale matter.


X-Y scan range: 90 μm x 90 μm. Z range: 10 μm
Vertical noise floor: XY position noise (closed loop) : <0.5 nm RMS
Z position sensor noise level (closed loop) : <0.2 nm RMS
Sample size: up to 150 mm in diameter and 15 mm thick
Modes: standard contact, lateral force microscopy, tapping mode, phase imaging, lift mode, magnetic force microscopy, electric force microscopy, dark lift, force spectroscopy, nanoindentation, nanolithography.


Jesper Vinther Sørensen