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Cryofox Explorer 500 GLAD (Glancing Angle Deposition)


The instrument consits of a load-lock chamber pumped by a turbo molecular pump, and a deposition chamber pumped by a cryogenic pump, allowing short pumping time and high throughput. The main chamber is equipped with a multi pocket electron beam evaporator and an ion gun source. The substrate holder can be tilted from 0° to 90° and at the same time rotated at various speeds. Three-dimension ordered arrays of nanostructures of various materials can be deposited by utilizing glancing angle deposition technique.


E-beam evaporations. Ion beam assisted evaporations. Plasma (oxygen and argon) processes to clean substrates before evaporation.


Substrate-source distance: 250 – 780 mm, variable
E-beam gun Temescal: 5 kW with 6 crucibles of 7 cm³
Process gas: Ar, N2, O2
Materials: Ag, Al, SiO2, Ni, Au, Ti, Nb
Substrate size: up to 4 inch wafer


Bjarke Rolighed Jeppesen