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APV for Mask Aligner EVG 610


Document Responsible: Megan Yiping Ho            

Date: 24/1 2014


1)    Purpose/Formål

The purpose of this APV instruction is to ensure that employees at iNANO are aware of the potential dangers that exist when working with the Mask Aligner EVG 610 located inside the cleanroom facility. The aim of this APV instruction is also to prevent personal injury to maintenance personnel of the Mask Aligner EVG 610. All users who work on the Mask Aligner EVG 610 should be aware of the potential hazards listed.


2)    The Instrument/Instrumentet

The instrument is composed of an aligner and a ultraviolet (UV) lamp. Prior to lithography, the aligner is used to properly locate the photomask with respect to the substrate pattern (if any) from earlier steps.


3)    Hazardous Conditions/Risiko

This machine may expose users to UV radiation. Do not touch the lens underneath the lamp hood as it may damage the machine and cause severe burns. The instrument have mechanical moving parts fingers can be caught and damaged if squeezed between parts. Exposure to pressurized gas, high voltage electricity and mercury vapor may result from improper use of this equipment.


4)    Protective Clothing/Beskyttelsesdragt

As a minimum requirement a cleanroom suit and gloves should be worn when handling masks, wafers and associated components. A UV-blocking goggles should be worn to protect eyes during the UV exposure.


5)    Identification/Identifikation


Toxic: Mercury


Hazard statements:

H330 Fatal if inhaled.

H360D May damage the unborn child.

H372 Causes damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure.

H410 Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.


6)    Maintenance/Vedligeholdelse

Change and alignment of mercury lamp. This is carried out by the super-user. Make sure that the lamp and the lamp house is cold when changing the lamp. During lamp alignment, to avoid UV exposure to the eyes, the super user must use UV protection eyeware. 


7) Additional Safety Notes/Ekstra sikkerhed

There is a small risk that the UV mercury lamp breaks and releases mercury vapor. Therefore an exhaust is fitted around the lamp housing for removal of mercury vapor.   


8) Electrical Safety/ El sikkerhed

The instrument is CE marked. However, unauthorized use or repair of the instrument may compromise electrical safety.