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APV for NSM laminator 172 


Document Responsible: Bjarke Rolighed 

Date: 15-03-2018 


1) Purpose/Formål 

The purpose of this APV instruction is to ensure that employees at iNANO are aware of the potential dangers that exist when working with the NSM laminator 172 located inside the cleanroom facility. The aim of this APV instruction is also to prevent personal injury to maintenance personnel of the NSM laminator 172. All users who work on the NSM laminator 172 should be aware of the potential hazards listed. 


2) The Instrument/Instrumentet 

The tool is modified to act as a flexographic printing machine. An anilox roller is covered with ink. The ink is transferred to a positive mirrored master, and then further transferred in a specific pattern to the substrate.


3) Hazardous Conditions/Risiko 

Users must keep hands away from moving parts while a process is running. 

Maintenance personnel must be aware of, and act accordingly to, local conditions of compressed air. 


4) Protective Clothing/Beskyttelsesdragt 

As a minimum requirement a cleanroom suit, gloves and safety goggles should be worn when handling the instrument. Cleaning of anilox roller and other parts with solvents should be done inside a fumehood. 


5) Identification/Identifikation 

The following chemicals can be found in the NSM laminator 172: 

Toxic: Ink. Users must check msds for the specific applied ink. Use point exhaust if necessary. 


6) Electrical Safety/ El sikkerhed 

Potentially lethal voltages are present inside the equipment. To prevent personal injury, ensure the system, circuit or component is isolated from its source of supply prior to undertaking any maintenance or repair of the equipment. Do not rely on control system interlocks or display messages as an indication that it is safe to work on potentially hazardous items.