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Tools for exploring raw video data in iSMS

For more examples of visual tools in iSMS, see the Visual aids section on this documentation page.

Pixel inspection tool

The pixel inspection tool is highly useful for getting an idea of your camera background offset value. To do this, first set your camera background to none, load your data and activate the pixel inspection tool as described below:

Select one of the 'Inspect pixel values' menus from the Exploration menus.
A zoom window is opened showing the values of the image. Change the position of ROI to display pixel values in different regions of the image Note that the pixel values being displayed are for the plotted average image.

Zoom tool

The zoom tool allows flexible zooming of regions with e.g. dense molecules.

Activate the zoom tool from the Exploration menu in the main window.
A zoom window is opened. Zoom using the toolbar buttons in the new window and drag the created ROI within the raw image.

Live-integration ROI

The 'Live integration ROI' allows you to dynamically inspect time traces and FRET-distributions of any region in the raw data.

Select the 'Live integration ROI' from the Exploration menu.
A window is opened displaying the integrated intensity traces and FRET information inside the ROI region created on the ROI image. Drag the ROI to update the time traces.