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Exporting Data and Figures in iSMS

Quick export of figures and data

The export menu

In any given plot, there is a right-mouse-click menu containing different export options of the currently plotted data.

In some plots, a menu is not opened if you click directly on the data points itself. In this case, point the mouse cursor at a point inside the axes where there is not data plotted.

Export figure to clipboard

This copies the plotted figure to your clipboard. The figure is then inserted into e.g. your Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file using Ctrl+V (on pc).

Export data to clipboard

This copies the data points to the clipboard so they can be inserted into e.g. an Excel sheet using Ctrl+V (on pc).

Export data to MATLAB workspace

If you run iSMS in MATLAB, use this option to create a new workspace variable containing the plotted data.

Export data to ASCII file

This saves the plotted data points to an ASCII file.

High-resolution figures

Some windows in iSMS support export of high-resolution figures.