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Deleted FRET-Pairs Are Moved to the Recycle Bin

About the recycle bin

When FRET-pairs are removed either manually using the 'Remove' button in the FRET-pairs window or automatically using one of the FRET-pair filters, the deleted molecule is moved to the Bin. The purpose of the Bin is both to have a backup for unintionally deleted pairs, as well as an overview of how many pairs have been removed from the raw population.

Restore deleted molecules

First open the Bin from 'Bin->Open recycle bin'. When the bin is open a new group called 'Recycle bin' is created containing all the molecules of the bin. The molecules in the open recycle bin can be inspected and analysed just as all other molecules in the session.
To remove a FRET-pair from the bin, transfer the molecule to a new group either using 'Grouping->Create new group', or add to an existing group using 'Grouping->Put selected molecules in selected group'.
Finally, close the recycle bin by unticking the 'Open recycle bin' menu item in the Bin menu. This will remove the 'Recycle bin' group.