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Sessions of Data in iSMS

About sessions

An iSMS session is a program state which includes all settings and processed data such as all FRET-pairs, traces etc.. iSMS sessions allow quick sharing of raw and processed single-molecule FRET data with PIs, collaborators and peers.

iSMS session files have the suffix '.iSMSsession'.

Save session

Save the current session by pressing Ctrl+S (on a pc) or navigate to 'File->Sessions'.
Specify filename and press Save.

Open session

If working on a previous session, use the shortcuts in the 'File->Recent' menus. In particular, use Ctrl+R shortcut (on pc) for continuing on the last saved session.
Or, press the open button in the toolbar to open a session from filepath. In the opened dialog, select the session to open.
When opening the session you are prompted to reload the raw image data from file since the session file itself does not contain the raw image data. Choose only this option if you wish to modify traces or change ROI positions. If your purpose is just to plot, browse and visualize data you do not need the raw image data. The raw image data can always be reloaded later using the 'o' button next to the files list box.
If you choose yes to load raw image data in the previous dialog, you are prompted to select which files to reload. Here, we choose to reload the raw image data of file #2 only.
Note that by default iSMS closes all open windows when loading a session. Open the windows in the toolbar to browse through the processed data of the session. In the opened session, the availability of raw image data in shown in the files list box.
The session contains all information of the analysed data, including all FRET-pairs.

Merge sessions

Go to 'File->Session->Merge another session into current'.
Select iSMS session file.
After merging, the current session now contains all the data from the merged session.